LASIK Reviews

I am so glad I chose Dr. Patel for my Laser Surgery. I heard great things and she made me feel welcome and comfortable the whole time. Thank you Dr. Patel and staff!!

Jessica K.

There’s never been a time, that I could remember, opening my eyes and see perfectly clear. I got glasses when I was 6 and contacts a few years later. I decided I wanted to look into LASIK and found WVI. At my first visit I knew Dr. Patel was the perfect doctor for me. She is very personable and relational! Answered all my questions and did lots of research to make sure I was a good candidate for surgery. I highly recommend WVI and Dr. Patel for anyone, young or old!

Caitlin L.

The time and care the WVI staff takes with every patient is well worth any wait. They will treat you like family and always have your eye health in mind with all decisions and treatment options. Definitely the only place I would trust to handle my Lasik!

Angela B.

Dr.Patel gave me my vision back!! She asks questions for you. She’s straight up with you. During surgery I did not feel a single feeling of pain or anythng. She and her assistants are very nice people and make you feel very confortable. She goes out of her way to make sure you are satisfied with the job she has done, contacts you on her personal time to make sure your doing OK. Over all I am SOO HAPPY that I can see with out contacts or glasses. I almost cried when I opened my eyes and saw everything clearly!!

Hector O.

Lasik surgery went very well and I can see 20/20, haven’t been able to function without glasses since I was 9. Dr. Patel is very professional, knowledgeable, caring, and her staff is exceptional. She actually took the time to check on me post surgery on her personal time after hours. I appreciate everything she and her staff have done! Highly recommended!!

Lamont B.

VERY thorough. Glad I went. Had a consult with another provider prior (only because they had an earlier spot) and they performed their tests. Wanted to schedule me for Lasik the next week. Told them I had to wait as I had another appointment for a 2nd quote (preferred appointment, but didn’t tell them) with Wichita Vision, Dr. Patel. Long story short, found that Lasik would only last me so long as I had the start of cataracts, and with the shape of my eyes, Lasik would ruin any chances of lense implant cataract removal in the future…basically ruining my eyesight for the future. Obviously have decided to wait and wear glasses for a few more years, and now have a new eye doctor to boot.

Joshua G.

I am so excited to visit Dr. Patel and her staff tomorrow. I know there will be a wait time, but as a nurse, I appreciate the time that Dr. Patel devotes to each and every patient that walks through her clinic doors. She would never make anyone feel rushed or unworthy of expressing their feelings and concerns. It is also very evident that the clinic staff enjoy their jobs and are provided excellent training.

Megan S.

Talk about a life changing surgery!!! From the consultation to the surgery I knew I was in good hands. I would recommend WVI to anyone who is considering LASIK. Thanks WVI!

Luke F.

I had lasik done by Dr. Patel about 5 years ago. Today I went in to have my yearly eye checkup in my home town and they couldn’t even find my scars. Excellent job by and excellent Dr. I recommend WVI to everyone who asks me about my lasik. Eyes are still perfect 5 years later.

Shandon W.

PRK Surgery

I was extremely pleased and impressed to be able to get my PRK surgery done with Dr. Patel in 2017. She made the whole process so easy and painless! Dr. Patel is very thorough and took her time to explain in detail every portion of what there was to expect prior, during and after the surgery. I was very appreciative of how, even after my surgery, she took time out of her own day to check in on me and make sure I was not having any issues after leaving. Even now, over a year later, my vision is as good as it was after surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Patel to anyone looking to improve their vision!

Ashley G.

Love Dr. Patel. She’s very thorough and dedicated. Explains every phase of the procedure and what to expect. It’s been 7 months since my surgery and is going great!!

Yadira A.

They’re an amazing institute. I have been provided with nothing but the absolute best service. Dr. Patel is so wonderful and she make sure to tell you the real deal.

T’ondria N.

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