KAMRA Procedure

KAMRA Procedure

What to Expect With the KAMRA™ Inlay Procedure

The KAMRA inlay is revolutionary technology that can reverse the effects of presbyopia (the need for reading glasses or bifocals). This outpatient procedure is amazingly quick (about 20 minutes) and is performed right in our office.

Here is what to expect on a typical KAMRA inlay surgery day:

  1. We will take you to our surgical suite and have you relax in a comfortable chair.
  2. Numbing drops are placed into your eye to reduce any discomfort.
  3. You will be asked to focus on a light during the procedure.
  4. Dr. Patel will use a laser to create a small pocket in the top layers of your cornea in your non-dominant eye where the inlay can be gently inserted. Most patients experience a feeling of pressure but most do not describe it as painful.
  5. The KAMRA inlay is a small round disc that has a pinhole opening in the center. You will not feel the insert in your eye and it will not usually be visible to other people.
  6. The eye tissue will heal naturally, without the need for stitches for most patients.
  7. After Dr. Patel gives one final check of your eye, you will be free to go home. Try your luck at free pokies lightning

You will need to have a friend drive you home so you can relax with your eyes closed.

KAMRA Inlay Recovery

Most patients are able to resume normal, non-strenuous activities within 24-48 hours after the procedure. Up close vision improvement may be noticeable within one week; however, it may take longer for the full visual results to be achieved.

Dr. Patel will recommend you follow these instructions as your eye heals:

  • Return to the office for scheduled follow-up appointments
  • Take all prescribed medications or eye drops
  • Avoid wearing your reading glasses
  • Discuss any side effects with Dr. Patel

KAMRA Inlay Side Effects

Possible side effects of the KAMRA inlay can include:

  • Dry eye
  • Halos
  • Glare
  • Double vision
  • Vision fluctuations
  • Need for reading glasses
  • Contrast sensitivity
  • Color disturbances
  • Eye irritation and discomfort
  • Infection

Most side effects are temporary and resolve on their own.

If you are tired of wearing reading glasses or bifocals, contact us today to find out if the KAMRA inlay in Wichita is right for your eyes.

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